It seems 2015 was not quite a fortunate year for the Rap God. It’s been more than 2 years since Eminem last released solo studio album and during that period of time a lot of records, set by Em, have been broken. Check the list below:

1. In 2015 Justin Bieber took home 6 wins at the 2015 MTV EMAs, giving him a total of 18 and breaking Eminem’s record of 15.



2. Adele’s “25” sells 3,4 Million copies in the first week in USA, breaking Eminem’s record of 1.8 Million by any solo artist. Em was holding that record for 15 years. 



3. Ed Sheeran becomes most listened artist in Spotify history with more than 3 Billion streams, passing Eminem’s almost 3 Billion streams.



4. Kendrick Lamar receives 11 nominations at 2016 Grammy Awards and becomes the first rapper who ever scored that much of a nominations in one night, breaking Eminem’s 2011 record with 10 nominations.

kendrick lamar grammy 2016