New Interview – D12: “People Thought Eminem Was Black When They First Heard Him”


Bizarre, Kuniva, and Swifty McVay spoke exclusively to VladTV about the formation of D12, as they told them that it was late Detroit rapper Proof who came up with the idea for the group.

When speaking about how they all met, Kuniva revealed that there was a clothing store — The Hip Hop Shop — that hosted open mic cyphers for rappers that they all attended. Swifty added that the store was where they met Eminem, who blew them away with his skills, and he later ended up joining D12.

Speaking more about Eminem, Kuniva said that a lot of people mistook Em for Black when he first released The Slim Shady LP, and he added, “it was extra crazy” when they found out he was a White rapper.

Listen to the interview below: