The Game Lists His Top 10 Rappers


Recently Billboard has listed Top 10 Emcees Of All Time and The Game responded with his own Top 10 in the Instagram post, saying:

“Y’all trippin on the order of this bullshit & bitch where the fuck 2Pac & Ice Cube ??? & I guess Lauren Hill can out rap Snoop Dogg right ? Y’all out y’all mothafuckin’ mind !!! & just disrespect LL Cool J & KRS ONE huh ??? (Now I’m bout to roll my blunt to “Doggystyle” jump on my tour bus & zone out to “All Eyes On Me”, followed by “Makaveli” & “Death Certificate” & take me a fuckin nap on this bullshit….. then wake up & read the comments while a bunch of non hip hop educated fuck boys argue below… #FuckYallList, my list goes like this”

1. 2pac & B.I.G
2. Nas
3. Rakim
4. Eminem
5. Jay-Z
6. Ice Cube
7. Snoop Dogg
8. Andre 3000
9. Jadakiss
10. Big L & F**K YO OPINION !!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, the post was removed from Instagram later.