New Interview: Tech N9ne Compares Eminem To Jason Vorhees, Says “Em’s Lyrically Murderer”


In a recent interview with, Tech N9ne compared Eminem to horror movie villain:

“It was time to dedicate a song to the Slasher that I adore, Michael Myers Mask, who I think I am lyrically. Eminem, he wore the Jason mask. Jason Voorhees, Em’s a murderer lyrically, Krayzie Bone, he’s Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre lyrically, Bushwick Bill is Chuckee because he’s a midget and I, Tech N9ne, am the Michael Myers, lyrically, killer with precision.”

It’s all about Tech’s new song “MMM” where he referenced Eminem, rapping:

“Givin hella aches and pain, Eminem is Jason, Krayzie Bone is leatherface and Bushwick Chuckie.”

Tech’s new album will be out tomorrow, get it on iTunes here