Billboard Lists “The 10 Greatest Rappers Of All Time”


Billboard Reports: “Diehard fans, music nerds and critics love lists. But in rap, greatest-of-all-time rankings like this take on a special level of import: aside from moving a crowd (shouts to Rakim), MC means proving you’re the best. In no other genre do artists so blatantly express their desire to outdo competition. That made Billboard‘s list a more high-stakes undertaking than usual. Many of our favorites — Big Daddy Kane, Drake, KRS-One — didn’t make it, and each of those omissions hurts deep down. We also have to note: we’re ranking rappers, not rap artists. That’s why Dr. Dre and Kanye West, for example, two legendary producer-artists who don’t match the mic skills of those listed here, were left out.”

Billboard ranked Eminem as #3 on their list of The 10 Greatest Rappers Of All Time and commented: 

“Shock rap usually stays relegated to the underground, where rappers like Ill Bill and Necro have flourished. But Eminem is one of the few who broke through to the mainstream, thanks to censor-stoking rhymes about rape, murder and drug abuse delivered in a tongue-twisting, thought-provoking way. It could all be considered attention-grabbing for the sake of maintaining a fruitful career – if it weren’t so technically impressive.”

Top Ten List goes like this: 

10. Lil Wayne
9. Kendrick Lamar
8. Ghostface Killah
7. Lauryn Hill
6. Andre 3000
5. Nas
4. Rakim
3. Eminem
2. Jay Z
1. Notorious B.I.G.

[Via Billboard