WATCH: Actress Carey Mulligan Says She Wrote A Letter To ‘Mr. Eminem’ When She Was 16 Years Old


Carey Mulligan was on “The Late Late Show” to promote “Suffragette,” and the topic turned to fan clubs. She told James Corden she was never in any fan clubs, although she used to like race car drivers, she just never wrote to them. However, she said, “I did write to Eminem once.” James gasped and said, “You’re Stan! You’re who ‘Stan’ was based on! This is a huge exclusive.”

“I’d seen ‘8 Mile’ and I was just really blown away. I was like 16, and I wrote to him. I was like, ‘Mr. Eminem… I just want to thank you for your contribution’ or something. It was really earnest! ‘For the work you’ve given the world,’ you know that kind of thing.”

She said Eminem never wrote back, which is sad, but considering the amount of mail celebs get it’s not surprising. Christoph Waltz, a fellow guest on “The Late Late Show,” wanted to know “contribution to what?” Apparently he’s not a big Eminem follower. Watch the video below:

[Via MovieFone]