Today was special. Two icons had the opportunity to speak about their respect for one another over our Shade 45 airwaves! Their names … Eminem & The Funk Doc Redman! 

“Like I said publicly you are one of my favorites of all time, that’s never gonna change, I’m so glad, keep doing it man” – Eminem 

“You keep doing what you doing too. I definitely showed the respect to you bro, in all interview, like I said you can check any of them and you are one of my favorite artists as well. Keep doing what you doing, you got my support over here brother.” – Redman 

But what happened next was the most important: 

Redman:Muddy Waters [III] is what I’m doing next and possible I can get another track from you?!”
Eminem: “Ah man, I’m on board. I’m here so..”

At the end of the interview Em also says that they ain’t go any plan yet about D12 new album. 

Listen to the full interview below:


As you know Redman is one of the namedrops on Eminem’s Till I Collapse: 

“I got a list, here’s the order of my list that it’s in
It goes Reggie, Jay-Z, 2Pac and Biggie
Andre from OutKast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas and then me”