LISTEN: Eminem Calls In Shade 45 To Speak To Redman

Today was special. Two icons had the opportunity to speak about their respect for one another over our Shade 45 airwaves! Their names … Eminem & The Funk Doc Redman! 

“Like I said publicly you are one of my favorites of all time, that’s never gonna change, I’m so glad, keep doing it man” – Eminem 

“You keep doing what you doing too. I definitely showed the respect to you bro, in all interview, like I said you can check any of them and you are one of my favorite artists as well. Keep doing what you doing, you got my support over here brother.” – Redman 

But what happened next was the most important: 

Redman:Muddy Waters [III] is what I’m doing next and possible I can get another track from you?!”
Eminem: “Ah man, I’m on board. I’m here so..”

At the end of the interview Em also says that they ain’t go any plan yet about D12 new album. 

Listen to the full interview below:


As you know Redman is one of the namedrops on Eminem’s Till I Collapse: 

“I got a list, here’s the order of my list that it’s in
It goes Reggie, Jay-Z, 2Pac and Biggie
Andre from OutKast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas and then me”