On This Day, 13 Years Ago Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” Conquered The Charts


13 years ago today, Eminem began what remains his longest stay atop the Billboard Hot 100 when  “Lose Yourself” reached No. 1. The rap hit held onto the top spot for 12 weeks.

Written during breaks on set while filming “8 Mile,” the song loosely follows the storyline of the leading character’s struggle to break from poverty and launch a rap career. Eminem created an intense and memorable sound for the song with a moody electric guitar riff and his trademark tinkling piano punctuating hip-hop beats.

Its stay atop the chart began a day after the theatrical release of “8 Mile.” The track was the first rap song to ever win an Oscar for Best Original Song, beating fellow nominees U2 and Paul Simon.


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[Via HitFix]