New Interview: D12 Talks Proof’s Death & Eminem’s Overdose


In an interview with The Breakfast Club D12 talked about Eminem’s depression over the death of his best friend – Big Proof. Kuniva says: 

“We been down. We pretty much lost the drive to do music once Proof died. They just took it out of us. It was right after Bugz pretty much, because we were still trying to heal over Bugz and then how proof went out, it was like ‘I’m done.'”

“Even Em, he almost died just outta depression and being on drugs going heavy into drugs and just tryna escape that pain. He flatlined… he came back, he overdosed. Everybody went through their own struggles and it was like we don’t want to do it,”

“When Em was healing, he had his own time to himself and we were still doing our own thing too. At the part that’s when we realized we were really low because they were saying that he wasn’t going to make it.”

 “Sometimes you see your homeboy like they can’t die, they’re super heroes. I can’t imagine not seeing Em right here. So, when something happens to him… I didn’t know how fragile all of this was, so seeing Em like that and seeing tubes everywhere, it was too surreal. After that, that’s when we started building and getting back on track. He was in rehab and doing what he was doing to get himself right, we were doing the same thing.”

D12 also discusses their return, working with Eminem, what the real Detroit sound is and much more with The Breakfast Club. Watch the full interview below: 

[Via Mstarz]