In A New Interview 50 Cent Talks About Eminem & Jay Z


50 Cent talks hustling, the death of his mother, Eminem – and how hip hop culture has changed with Big Issue

About Eminem:

❝ Eminem had this competitive energy that made him the guy all the other rappers worried about. From early days, he was this great battle artist. The guys who were up against him would think of everything you could say about him, then he’d say those things about himself first. So everything they had against him, he took it away. He was writing all this personal stuff. I was never anything like that. I came into music with songwriting intentions ‘cause that’s where the money was.❞

About Jay Z: 

❝ I think Jay liked me ‘cause I looked like the lyrics. I had all the jewellery, I looked like a hustler. I’d been on the street so long, people respected me. The honest truth is, at that point, the drug dealers were the leaders of the neighbourhood. They had more money than the rappers. The things LL Cool J and Run DMC wanted were the things guys hustling already had. Now, of course, the artists are way richer than the dealers, the hip hop culture has grown so much. ❞


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