PaceWon & Shady Records Collaboration Might Be On The Way

pacewon and eminem

Let’s forget bad old times and remember good old times. Outsidaz, the hip hop group formed in 1991 after underground rappers Pacewon and D.U. met Young Zee. Lately joined by D12’s Eminem and Bizarre. Eminem shouts out the Outsidaz at the end of the song “Just Don’t Give a Fuck”, in the beginning of “Cum On Everybody”, in the song “As the World Turns” off The Slim Shady LP and most recently in “Fine Lane” and “Kings Never Die”.  After more than two decades Pacewon might be collaborating with Shady Records again. Check the tweet below: 

Pace has recently formed the group “Shady Corps”, honoring Eminem and has already released the first LP. You can get The Shady Corps LP here

We support Pace and hope he will join Shady Records to do some bangers. #ShadyCorps