reports: “Platinum albums don’t mean what they used to. In the era of streaming services and download links album sales are no longer the best indication of a rapper’s popularity, but they’re still remarkable achievements, and for nearly the entire history of hip-hop that platinum plaque was the truest measurement of mainstream success.” 

Below is the list of most platinum album holders in the history of rap: 

  1. Jay Z – 15 
  2. 2Pac – 11 
  3. Eminem – 8 
  4. Snoop Dogg – 8 
  5. Beastie Boys – 7
  6. LL Cool J – 7 
  7. NAS – 7 
  8. Outkast – 7 
  9. Kanye West – 7
  10. Too Short – 6 

Total Platinum Albums: 316
Total Number of Artists: 138

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NOTE: All groups are listed as one collective whole, not broken down into individual artists, even when the group was clearly lead by one famous rapper. So the D12 album is credited to D12, not Eminem, and not Proof, Bizarre, etc. In that vein, we decided to count dual-collab albums as a platinum album for both artists since it was a one-time, special occasion album, not a group. That means Watch the Throne gave both Jay Z and Kanye West one platinum album point. Finally, to use Eminem as an example again, we did not count compilation projects like the 8 Mile soundtrack or Re-Up at all, since those were more genuine group efforts where assigning credit to a particular artist or artists would be so complicated it’d no longer make sense.”