New Interview – Rihanna: “Eminem Is One Of The Most Talented Poets Of Our Time”


Rihanna has recently set down with Vanity Fair where she spoke on her career, sex life, Chris Brown, Eminem and more. Read what she has to say about Em below:

Eminem is one of my favorite people. He’s got so many layers and he’s such a good person — focused, disciplined. I mean you can’t tell me that you have to be in the club when Eminem is legit at home and being a good father and is still one of the most prestigious rappers of our generation. He’s one of the most talented poets of our time. It was such a brilliant moment to have him ask me to be part of a record; I felt … anointed, because he thought I was cool enough to be on “Love the Way You Lie”. But also, the lyrics about a dysfunctional relationship were just so true to what I felt and couldn’t say to the world at that time.”

According to Eminem (earlier): “I would definitely consider Rihanna a friend. She’s always been there for me, and I really enjoy working with her. As an artist, we have similar work ethics, so I’ve always been able to relate to her in that sense.”

[Via Vanity Fair ]