New Interview: Anderson Paak: “Eminem Verse On ‘Medicine Man’ Was Just Out Of Control”

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Anderson .Paak — who appears on Dr Dre’s six Compton tracks, including Medicine Man which features Eminem — has recently set down with MTV and talked about how it’s like to work with the giants like Dre & Em: 

“It’s surreal..It’s absolutely mind-blowing. It’s hard to wrap my dome around that sometimes. These are people that very much a part of my musical background. It’s embedded in me…It’s amazing to be a part of that.”

“When Eminem sent back the verse, they had to structure the ’Medicine Man’ beat around his verse. The Eminem verse was just out of control. They built a whole different landscape around his verse to go with what he was doing, to set the mood. It was awesome. I can’t wait to meet with him in person and make more music with him.”

“I’m looking forward to doing more work with Dr. Dre. I know he’s gonna push me…He worked extensively with me as far as just doing my vocal performance and that’s where it paid off the most. At the same time, he trusted in me. There were times I just turned a song in and he f-cked with everything and didn’t change anything. What he added just made the song that much better…I’m always going to get pushed to the very best with him.”

Below is the picture of Dj Premier, Anderson Paak and Dr Dre: 


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