Strange Music CEO and today’s one of the dopest MCs, Tech N9ne has recently set down with City Pages where he talked about collaboration with Eminem on “Speedom” and “The Anthem.” 

City Pages: What’s the longest it’s ever taken you to write a song?

Tech N9ne: Maybe something like “Speedom” with Krizz Kaliko and Eminem. Maybe like a couple hours. If I could just sit for like three hours and write something like that. Sometimes it comes out quicker than that. The one I have to write today to record tomorrow, hopefully in Rhymesayers’ studio, I’ll have a few hours to doodle with it and have it down by morning.

City Pages: “Speedom” wasn’t the first time you were on a song with Eminem. You both appeared on Sway and King Tech’s “Wake Up Show Anthem” in 1999. What do you recall about making that track?

Tech N9ne: That was my first time shaking Em’s hand face-to-face on the video set, we always had a good vibe. I’m just happy to be in the circle of these extreme lyricists. I remember King Tech came to me in my little apartment with no furniture in Northridge, California. I was staying there because I was working in QD3.

King said, “I have this song I want to do called ‘Wake Up Show Anthem.’ I want you on it. Nobody’s on it yet, I want you to write to it and record it.” I was, indeed, the first person to get on it. Got over there, did my thing. Next thing you know, I heard it and KRS-ONE, Pharoahe Monch, Chino XL, Eminem, Kool G Rap on there killing it.

I remember going to the video set and seeing KRS-ONE doing his part, and he pointed at me and winked at me and said “Yes sir!” I was like, “Wow, KRS-ONE acknowledged me.” When I was coming in, Eminem was coming out. “Brother, how you doing man?” “What’s up Tech, how you doing?” It was a wonderful experience, thanks to Sway and King Tech.

Tech N9ne and Eminem has two songs together, Speedom (WWC2) and The Anthem:

[Via City Pages]