R.A. The Rugged Man Says Eminem Would Lose If They Make A Song Together

One of the dopest MCs, R.A. The Rugged Man has recently answered fans’ questions on Facebook. One of the questions was if he ever do a collaboration with Eminem, RA says: “yes. I’d like it to be a competition”.

Then one of the Facebook users commented: “I like you WAY more as an artist, but em would trash you Holmes haha. Kid is a verbal machine, when he isn’t too busy whining.” As it seems RA doesn’t agree, not only thinks he would outshine Eminem but also the battle wouldn’t even be close.

Check the comments below: 

ra the rugged man facebook eminem comment

Then he named his favorite Eminem song and that’s Stan

ra the rugged man eminem comments facebook






RA received one of the most hateful comments on Facebook that involves Eminem: