Denaun Says Eminem’s ‘Infinite’ Could Be Re-Released


Eminem introduced himself to the world when he released The Slim Shady LP in 1999 but three years before his braking through he came out with Infinite, which is one of the most loved albums by his fans.

During a recent interview with “The Cypher,” Mr. Porter aka Denaun was asked about whether the album will ever be re-released or not:

“That might have a lot to do with the Bass Brothers. If they were to release that right now, they would have to pay me a grip. I got screwed around way early messing around with them dudes. I don’t know what they’re doing right now, but it seems like it’s something that should happen…Paul Rosenberg [Eminem’s Manager] is more creative when it comes to how to do that shit. If the Bass Brothers did it themselves, they would have to do it in a special way because that’s a special project. For whatever reason, a lot of these younger kids, I think they gravitate towards that retro sound. It was a dope album.”

Listen to the new interview below:

Listen to the Infinite below: 

[via MTV]