Pic Of The Day: Usher Posts Picture Of Him And Eminem On Facebook (Plus Interview)

Couple of hours ago Legendary RnB artist usher posted an old picture of himself and Eminem on Facebook. Check the pic below or see Usher’s facebook

eminem and usher interview

About a year ago, Usher talked about Eminem inspiration with Sway In The Morning, where he says: 

“In a time where I felt music was in a transition and R&B, specifically, was in a place where it could grow older or it could, kinda, be what it was. And all these great artists that were performers, dancers, singers, whatever.. but I felt that the honesty of hip-hop and what Eminem was saying on his records – it motivated me, like, yo, if he can be that honest through hip-hop – and there’d been other story tellers but never quite as vivid as his. So, I was like, we need to keep it real like him. I wanna go all the way in. So let me talk about unspoken, the shit that people don’t want to talk about, don’t want to deal with.”