New Interview: Obie Trice Explains What He Meant With: “Eminem Rewrote His Verse After Hearing Mine”


In his 2013 interview, Obie spoke on working with Eminem in the studio and stated that “Em heard his verse and then rewrote his music.”

Obie revealed that he felt the title of the Vlad TV story, which was “Obie Trice: Eminem Rewrote Verses After Hearing Mine,” wasn’t accurate to what he said during the interview. He said that it made it seem as if he was “sonning” Eminem.

“I’mma make this clear. And I want it to be on camera, so you understand what I’m saying. Cause yo shit come out like ‘Obie said he made Eminem rewrite his verse.’ I didn’t say that…What I said was that when I made a verse, he saw my lyrics. He listened to the lyrics and he heard the rap. He was like ‘Fuck that. I’mma rewrite my shit.’ The title implicated that I made him in a way—like sonning him and shit. It’s so many ways you could have worded it, but you worded it in a way for—mean and viciously.”

After clearing up his issues with the 2013 interview and revealing that he caught a lot of flak because of it, Obie was asked if Eminem’s status would change if hypothetically speaking, it was one day discovered that he had a ghostwriter.

“Nothing would happen to him as far as his celeb and his star status and who he is as an emcee,” he said. “I don’t think that it would tarnish anything, but I think the real Hip Hop mothafuckas, the real people. Yeah, I think it would fuck ’em up. That’d be fucked up if they found out that Eminem wasn’t writing his shit.”


[Via HipHopDX]