Horseshoe Gang Disses Hopsin And Funk Volume Again, Hopsin Responds

horseshoe gang

Slaughterhouse’s Crooked I (KXNG Crooked) has another crew, Horseshoe Gang, and they dissed Hopsin and Funk Volume again, this time on the track “Same Day”. They referenced Eminem again:

“This is why Hopsin and them is the fakest rappers
You had the audacity to call out the Shady rappers
But you already admitted CROOKED is your favorite rapper
And you wanna be Em so bad you would name your baby after him
Lame ass rappers, man let’s get it” 

Listen to the Horseshoe Gang – Same Day (Hopsin Diss) 


Hopsin responded Horseshoe on Instagram saying: “Horseshit gang! You ready for your funeral? Crooked I, get your “I miss my dawgs” speech ready. You should have dissed us instead. You lead your soldiers to failure. Get ready”

Hashtag #horseshitgang if u wanna hear me and @funkvolume drop this new diss in the next hour! A photo posted by Marcus Hopson (@hopsinson) on

And then Hopsin and Funk Volume Drops Free Meal (Horseshoe Gang Diss)

Slaughterhouse’s Crooked I responded Hopsin on twitter with “Tag me though”


Hopsin continues: