Skylar Grey Once Sent Her Raps To Eminem, Hear Eminem’s Response

In her debut episode on Sonic Footprints Podcast, Skylar Grey catches you up on the progress of her next album, breaks down her intentions for this podcast, plays new music, and answers some fan questions.

One of the questions was following: “Will Skylar Grey ever rap?”

Skylar Grey responds: “After I recorded the first rap song, I was like, s**t, if there’s anyone who’s gonna tell me the truth, if I should rap again or not, it’s gonna be Eminem. So I recorded the song. I sent it to Marshall and I was like ‘tell me if I should rap ever again or not?!’ an then he called me and he was like ‘dude, you can rap!’

Listen to the Podcast below (Eminem part):


Listen to the full podcast here