50 Cent has recently set down with Q Magazine where he talked about Eminem and how he turned down $8,000,000 offer for a street gang movie.

50 Cent tells Q magazine, “It was a film where we were supposed to be playing two guys from different sides of the tracks. I’m like the head of this gang in Detroit and he’s the head of another gang. His thing was he didn’t like to leave Detroit… So I said, ‘Hey, they want to give you eight million dollars to do it and we don’t have to leave Detroit, so you can go home every night!’

“He read the synopsis and was like, ‘It’s cool but we should do something like The Warriors.’ I said, ‘The Warriors? What the f**k, Em? The Warriors? Did you just hear me say they want to give you eight million dollars and you don’t have to leave Detroit?’.. He didn’t give a f**k.”