Dr. Dre’s ‘Compton’ Is One Of The Highest Rated Rap Albums By Critics

Dr. Dre’s third and the last album Compton has received positive reviews by critics. Southpaw presents what critics have to say about this masterpiece: 

Exclaim – 90/100 
“Detox seemed poised to erode Dre’s sonic reputation, Compton, reputedly his last record, instead solidifies Dre’s already ironclad claims to all-time status. Not only does Compton make you forget about Detox, it also makes sure you won’t ever forget about Dre.” 
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HipHopDX – 90/100 
“Each of Compton’s 16 tracks feel like individual set pieces bound together perfectly.” <<Read the full review>>

Dj Booth – 90/100
“It’s ambitious, it’s diverse, it’s exciting and when you hear you hear what made Dre a legend in the first place. No matter what the era, stream, CD or vinyl, Dr. Dre is just on another level.” <<Read the full review>>

Pitchfork – 88/100
“Knowing that this is Dre’s finale, there’s a pleasant melancholy that frames Compton, and with the music in our ears, acknowledging that maybe that’s for the best.” <<Read the full review>>

Consequence Of Sound – 83/100 
“Compton’s 16 tracks ebb into each other cohesively.” <<Read the full review>>

The A.V. Club – 83/100
“Compton successfully crams the magnitude of his origin story into ambitious, densely packed sonics.” <<Read the full review>>

PopMatters – 80/100
“In total Compton is nonetheless a flawed masterpiece, an album of broad shoulders that manages to carry hip-hop into the latter half of the 2010s.”<<Read the full review>>

The Observer (UK) – 80/100 
“Compton has replaced the abandoned Detox project with a surprisingly vivid soundtrack of frustration inspired by the forthcoming NWA biopic.” <<Read the full review>>

The Independent (UK) – 80/100 
“The album slips into a febrile combination of reminiscences, boasts and complaints that manages to keep an eye firmly on the present whilst gazing fondly back on former tribulations” <<Read the full interview>>

Clash Music – 80/100 
“It may spend a lot of its time reflecting on the past. But as an argument for that now famous district in South Los Angeles and its continued importance and centrality to hip-hop, it’s forceful and convincing, and one that ensures those Hollywood-style ‘COMPTON’ letters will continue to loom large–not just over L.A., but over this genre as a whole.” <<Read the full review>>

NOW Magazine – 80/100 
“Compton is easily his most introspective album.” <<Read the full interview>>

Billboard – 80/100 
“Despite its numerous flaws, Compton is still one of the most engaging listening experiences of the year.” <<Read the full review>>

All Music Guide – 80/100
“Compton crackles with life and spirit.” <<Read the full interview>> 

Mojo – 80/100
“Like Lamar’s grandstanding To Pimp A Butterfly, the numerous strands of Compton: A Soundtrack take time and effort to fully unravel, but the rewards are manifold.” <<Read the full interview>>

The 405 – 80/100 
“Compton exists now as a reminder to the current oversaturated pit of modern rap that legends aren’t born overnight and there will never be another Dr. Dre. Hip-hop’s first billionaire hasn’t forgotten where he comes from so let’s not forget what he’s done to get here.” <<Read the full interview>>

XXL – 80/100 
“Regardless of whether or not the album will spawn a generation of imitators like his previous releases, Compton is a proper capstone to Dre’s legendary career.” <<Read the full review>>

The Guardian – 80/100 
“Nowhere is Dre’s boldness and confidence more apparent than in Compton’s music.” <<Read the full review>>

The Telegraph (UK) – 80/100
“He seems to have found a new and more sincere voice, less bullish than we have heard him before, whilst using a fantastic roster of contributors to push the mood and narrative.” <<Read the full review>> 

Complex – 80/100 
“Compton is his third-best album, but that’s hardly an insult. His skills have always been about immediacy, the grandiose, a sixth sense for the universal. On Compton, that’s still intact.” <<Read the full review>>

The New York Times – 80/100 
“Musically, it’s ornate and grand-scaled, and somehow also deft.” <<Read the full review>> 

New York Daily News – 80/100 
“Dre might have sounded fat and smug at this point. The good news is that, instead, he sounds hungry.” <<Read the full review>>

Rolling Stone – 80/100 
“It adds up to an album by turns confounding and enthralling. It’s no Detox. It’s something realer, and better.” <<Read the full review>> 

Pretty Much Amazing – 75/100 
“Compton is an exceptional, big-budget rap album up-and-down…. Although fat definitely needed to be trimmed from this animal, it’s humbling to know Dre hasn’t let his ego get the best of him musically.” <<Read the full review>>

RapReviews – 75/100 
“After three decades in the music business, it’s inspiring to see him deliver an excellent album: overseeing it, driving his guests/writers/producers onto greater things and delivering it in an interesting way is no mean feat. His voice has matured.” <<Read the full review>> 

Spin – 70/100 
“Compton doesn’t need to exist, but it does, and that it’s actually pretty good and fresh in a year brimming with vibrant, relevant young voices, says something.” <<Read the full review>> 

New Musical Express (NME) – 70/100 
“Eminem’s cameo on ‘Medicine Man’ is technically superb, but the content somehow comes over both hateful and boring…. But it’s hard to deny Compton is brilliantly constructed, a masterclass in 21st century hip-hop.” <<Read the full review>>

Tiny Mix Tapes – 60/100 
“Compton itself is a part of this little something too, because even though it fails to make a clear artistic statement, it houses some of the finest hip-hop production Dre has turned in for years, and proves that the city has much more going for it than just a bad reputation.” <<Read the full review>>

The Line Of Best Fit – 60/100 
“The Chronic and 2001 were simply collections of great songs and the order didn’t matter much; Compton, conversely, is one giant song presented as a specifically sequenced album. While it succeeds as such–a lush, expensive-sounding art rap song-cycle–it fits the Doctor about as well as a baggy t-shirt. Dre makes great songs, not great albums.” <<Read the full review>> 

The Quietus – 50/100 
“As Compton progresses, it rarely seems to shift out of second gear, evidently favouring laid back grooves and sparse production over aggressive break beats and G-Funk swagger. All the while an almost listless lyrical style on occasion provides a narrative, or lack thereof…. Cynicism aside, there are moments of brilliance here.” <<Read the full review>> 

Total: 30 
Positive: 27
Mixed: 3 
Negative: 0 

Overall Critics Score: 82/100 
Overall Users Score: 8.5/10