New Interview – Eminem’s Ex-Sister-In-Law: “He Betrayed Me And Left Me Homeless”

Eminem’s ex-wife Kim’s sister recently has done an interview with Radar. According to Radar, Dawn Scott, Kim’s twin sister, begged Eminem to help her escape homelessness, but the rapper turned his back.

“I have a millionaire brother-in-law and a sister with money up the ass, but they’re refusing to give me any help. It’s a betrayal. He’s been part of our family since he was 15!”

“He hit my sister on-and-off. One time he did it in front of me, and I started choking him. He called his security, but they refused to intervene.”

“Three days after they remarried, Kim went over to their other house to surprise him. But Kim’s the one who got surprised because Marshall was fooling around with his life coach!”

“One night I called my sister and told her I had nowhere to go. She said, ‘That’s not my problem. Don’t bother me,’ and hung up.”

[Via Radar