D12’s Bizarre, Kuniva and Swifty continue their touring in Europe. This time they stopped in Germany where they did a couple of interviews. Below is an interview with HipHop.De

Interviewer: “Speaking on Eminem before, you know how many people, on the festival, thought Eminem would jump on the stage today as the special guest?” 

Swifty: “It’s a normal thing, you know he is the part of D12 so it’s expected to expect the crowed to expect him to be here but Eminem got..He is busy man, Southpaw theme he’s doing”

Kuniva: “Even though he didn’t come out the crowed still rocked with us and they still had the great time, they showed us crazy love… We appreciate you Switzerland. Much love to you” 

After that they went to talk about Detroit and why do they, including Eminem, like to stay at home so much and not leaving the D.

At the end of the interview, Swifty gave a shout out to Big Sean: “Big shout out to Big Sean, man”. Watch the full interview below: 


Watch D12’s recent funny interview in Switzerland below: