New Interview: Slaughterhouse Talks About Drake, New Album and Southpaw Movie

During a visit to Hot’s 97 “Ebro in the Morning” show on Friday, July 24, Slaughterhouse had a very lengthy discussion about Drake and what it would mean if he were using a ghostwriter.

“Being from that cloth where you get your stripes from writing, you do kinda step down a few, in my mind as a fan, if you’re not writing. It don’t stop the music form being great, it don’t stop you from being successful, I don’t lose respect for you personally, but just in my comic book hero, rapper baseball card collection, I can’t put you in that conversation…but…are people trying to say that Drake’s not talented all around because somebody wrote a song? Because that’s crazy, If you’re shooting for the G.O.A.T. list, can someone else write some of your rhymes?” – KXNG Crooked

“I really don’t give a f**k. If I enjoy the music, I enjoy the music. That’s just my stance. Whatever makes the record sound better to me.” – Joell Ortiz

“The people that hold Drake in pretty high regard as a lyricist, I don’t think they do so because of ’10 Bands. If you said he didn’t write 9AM in Dallas, then I’d have a problem.” – Joe Budden

Watch the full interview below: