New Survey Shows Eminem Is The Most Verbose Musician Of All Time



Eminem is the most verbose musician of all time, a study has found, while Mariah Carey, The Who and The Beatles are among the artists with the lowest musical vocabulary. Research by Musixmatch has compiled the 100 most linguistically dense songs of the top 93-selling artists ever. They then compared the word count of these songs by their unique word use, the total number of words used and how often they used a new word to find the artist with the widest vocabulary.


Eminem has a phenomenal world count which makes him number one in on the list of Top 93 Selling Artists Of All Time and he also has the overall highest words per song ratio of 1018.5: 

#1 – Eminem – 8,818 words – Sales: 117 Million 
#2 – Jay Z – 6,899 words – Sales: 80 Million 
#3 – 2 Pac – 6,569 words – Sales: 47 Million 
#4 – Kanye West – 5,069 words – Sales: 34 Million 
#5 – Bob Dylan – 4,883 words – Sales: 44 Million 


See the full list and all the infographic on Musixmatch. Or see the graph below: 

eminem vocabulary

[Via The Telegraph]

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