35 Rap Songs That Should Be Turned Into Movies (MTV)

35 raps songs


MTV: “Recently, Eminem unveiled his “Phenomenal” video, a thrilling one that plays like an action-packed movie. But rappers have been crafting films with their rhymes since the genre began. So, we pulled together some other songs that should become movies soon.” 

MTV listed 35 Rap Songs That Should Be Turned Into Movies and Eminem’s two songs made into the list: 


#8 – Eminem – Stan ft. Dido

As soon as the rain hits on the track, you get a cinematic vibe. Em’s rhymes, combined with the audible pencil scribbles, spin a web of loneliness, despair, hopelessness and over-the-top fandom in a creative four-verse rollout that leaves listeners on the edge of their seats.



#24 – Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden – Three Sides To A Story

Joe Budden’s “Three Sides” literally gives us three perspectives over the course of the song’s verses. And each bar unveils the lives of Derrick, Sally, their mother Pam and an abusive step-father Bo. In the end, it isn’t just an creatively written – albeit gruesome and explicit – story. It’s also one with a valuable takeaway. “When we gonna grow and get rid of the hatred?” Budden asks. Movie goers might just be asking themselves the same thing after this track comes to life.



#35 – Eminem – Guilty Conscience ft. Dr. Dre 

Eminem and Dr. Dre told us the stories of Eddie, Stan and Grady. Each one of them had some important life-altering choices to make with Slim and Doc fighting for influence. Could you imagine how this could play out on the big screen? It’d be like the video – only more epic.


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