50 Cent Reveals Eminem’s Reaction On Jake Gyllenhaal’s Performance In Southpaw Movie

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HipHollywood caught with 50 Cent during the Southpaw Movie’s press day where he told them Eminem applauded Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance, especially because he knew he wouldn’t have been able to give it the same amount of dedication.

“His exact reaction was Jake man fuck. Because he didn’t see him like that physically or anything.” – 50 Cent

Jake Gyllenhaal, along with director Antoine Fuqua, worked out twice a day for 5 months to prep for the role.

“He worked hard man. The discipline that he put in to developing the character, it’s obvious you can’t miss it. Eminem, It would have been a different film let’s just say that.” – 50 Cent 

Southpaw hits the theaters on July 24th. Watch 50 Cent’s interview below:

[via HipHollywood]

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