New Live: D12 Performs ‘Bane’ & More In Moscow

On July 9th, D12 did the show in Moscow, Russia. Unfortunately without Eminem and they performed ‘Bane’ from 2014 release Shady XV for the first time. Check the set list and ‘Bane’ live below:

1. Rap Game
2. Just Like U
3. Loyalty
4. Under the Influence
5. (Eminem song)
6. Fight Music
7. Bane
8. 40 Oz
9. Pimp Like Me
10. Revelation
11. Gurls wit da Boom
12. (Proof song)
13. Purple Rain / Purple Pills
14. My Band
15. American Psycho II
16. Get My Gun / Get Smash

Watch D12 – Bane (Live In Moscow, Russia) below:


Watch the D12 Show Commercial below: 


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