Gwen Stefani set down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about working with Eminem. She says: 

“The process was really simple. One of his guys came and played me the song and then I was like, ‘Yeah, I like it! Amazing!’ I’ve always wanted to work with Eminem — he’s a genius — and then all of a sudden they called me and said, ‘It has to be done today’ and I was like, ‘Ah, my voice’ — I had a cough or something, I went in and I made it happen, but it was like, barely. It was like, ‘God, why does today have to be the day my voice is not happening?’ But it ended up turning out good, I wanted to do something with him for so long and I feel honored — he’s very selective. I feel really honored.” – [Via Entertainment Weekly

Southpaw and its soundtrack will be released July 24. Take a listen to “Kings Never Die” below:


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