Tech N9ne Talks About Collaborating With Eminem

tech n9ne

Tech N9ne has said it a lot of times that Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time and Em was his dream collaboration until they have released Speedom (Worldwide Choppers II) featuring Krizz Kaliko off Tech’s newly released album, Special Effects. Recently Tech talked about Eminem with The Huffington Post

Interviewer: “On the new album you have a track with Eminem on it. Talk about that collaboration.”
Tech N9ne: “It’s one of my dream collaborations that I’ve been trying to get for over a decade. I guess everything worked out this time with the beat being top notch, with the concept being really wonderful because it’s a dedication to the late great Richie Havens’ song “Freedom”, which they did at Woodstock. The timing was right I think. What me and Krizz Kaliko sent to him was really dope. For him to say ‘I’ll do it’ and love it so much that he doesn’t do the 16 bar verse that I needed, he does a 24 bar verse that he put on there and let me know he really dug it. He really wanted to spit on this song. I finally got it after all these years. The same thing with the song “Wither” with me and Corey Taylor of Slipknot. I’ve been a Maggot since 1999. I Maggot is a Slipknot fan. I finally got it after all these years. I think I’m bringing my A game. I’ve always brought my A game. I have some classic albums on the underground level to where I don’t know if anybody critically acclaimed them. I don’t need them to critically acclaim my albums because my fans do.” [via The Huffington]


Watch Tech N9ne’s reaction when he first heard Eminem’s verse on Speedom: