Eminem-Phenomenal (Music Video)


Eminem is turning into some kind of superhero in the new music video Phenomenal, which was debuted through the Apple Music. The action-packed music video lasts for seven minutes and all this time Eminem is trying to find out who he is. The music video starts with Eminem confusedly waking up in the hospital where he beats up everyone who gets in his way. After managing to escape from the hospital, Eminem runs through the Tokyo street where he meets a stranger (John Malkovich) with wise words, races on a motorcycle and steals a car from the fan. He even hijacks a helicopter, jumps out of it and finally finds himself where he is supposed to be, on the stage, with the microphone.
Until Youtube presents us with the universal player, you can check the music video HERE.

Eminem-phenomenal-begining eminem-phenomenal-runingEminem-Phenomenal-bike Eminem-Phenomenal-carEminem-Phenomenal-helicopter eminem-phenomena-music-videoCheck the tracklist for Southpaw HERE