New Interview: Yelawolf Talks Love Story And Eminem’s Involvement With It

love story

HipHopDX interviews YelaWolf where he talks about his new album Love Story, Radioactive, Eminem’s involvement with the album and possible future project. Check the interview below: 

Interviewer: “WLPR  explained the creation of “Best Friend” with Eminem. What did you specifically want to do this time around in opposed to “Throw It Up” with Gangsta Boo?”

YelaWolf: “Well the record we did on Radioactive was one of those records that’ll remain. Getting Gangsta Boo and Eminem together for “Throw It Up” was a huge accomplishment for me. For this album, I didn’t want features. I felt like, the only reason I would get a feature from anyone was if the music was asking for it. I just thought what I was talking about and the way the beat was moving, I thought “Best Friend” would be perfect for Em and I. To do a record where I’m singing on it and not competitively rapping with Eminem. It definitely says a lot of where we are creativity.

Interviewer: “Considering most of the records from Radioactive were already made, how much did Eminem advise you on the creation of Love Story since you guys started from scratch?”

YelaWolf: “When I went to Nashville, I just locked myself in the studio. When I got to the point to where I was finishing the album, I sent it to Detroit. Well actually, everybody from Shady except Em flew out to Nashville to hear the album. From there, it went to Detroit. We sat it with Marshall and we wrote “Heartbreak.” He already had that track actually and he did some more production on it after I got on it to glue it with the rest of the album. He also wrapped up “American You” when me and Malay recorded it. Marshal asked to produce it. He was excited about it and I was like fuck yeah. We sent that to Detroit and let him do his thing on it.”

YelaWolf also hinted at the possibility another collaboration album coming in the future.

“I have to be meticulous about that shit. Another collaborative project with Travis Barker? Sure, but I’m a lot more pickier than I use to be. My ear has grown and my taste as grown.”

Read the full interview on HipHopDX here.


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