New Interview: Kobe Talks Working With Eminem


Thisis50 and Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with two times Eminem collaborator, Kobe Honeycutt for an exclusive interview on working with Eminem, 50 Cent, Placements, Sings Acapella and much more. Check the interview below:

Jack Thriller: “What is it like one on one with Eminem?” 

Kobe: “Eminem is .[?].. Like I said, that’s God. I couldn’t believe me from the hood Chicago in the room with one of the greatest rappers in the world. He’s calling me personally and then I get the call from that man says Eminem want to meet with me, actually that night, that 24 hours were crazy because prior I was working with Dr. Dre, I fall asleep like nine in the morning and I get the call at eleven and it’s Eminem and he wants me to fly out the next day. So that 24 hours were one of the most memorable moments in my career.” 

Watch the full interview below: 


As mentioned above Kobe and Eminem have two songs together. “Talkin’ 2 Myself” off Recovery and “Die Alone” off Shady XV


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