Dru Ha Talks About Almost Signing Eminem

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Duck Down Music Inc, the legendary Dru Ha runs through the 20 definitive moments that defined the label’s past two decades and one of them is connected to Eminem. Check the interview with HipHopDX below:

“Eminem certainly was the right artist for us because he could hold the weight. Sometimes you see artists that are built up and are put in these positions that they’re not built for. Like not as good as they’re making them out to be. But he was. I think somehow, some way, if we signed Em, I think he would’ve found his notoriety one way or another. It might have taken a little longer. It might not have come as fast, but there’s no denying his impact, his ability, and his creativity. He’s one of the greatest of all time. I think with the Em thing, looking back and to this day is that he endorsed Buck and I as people. He went around and dissed a lot of labels of those who were going to sign him or almost signed him, but didn’t. He shitted on them, but he always gave me and Buck props. He knew that we did try to get the deal done, but we had to go to a parent company to get that money. We just couldn’t get the money that he was asking for so that’s called not really being an independent. You think you are but, you’re not. So a Top 20 moment is him calling us back a few years ago, and he personally made the reach out to us to make over Don’t Front (I Gotcha Opin) and bigs us up within the lyrics of the record.” (Via HipHopDX)

Listen to Eminem – Don’t Front ft. Buckshoot:


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