Denaun’s Working On A Song With Eminem And N.W.A. Movie

In a new interview with Brooklyn Radio, Eminem’s hype-man and a former member of D12, Denaun aka Mr. Porter said he is working on a new song with Eminem and N.W.A. Movie: 

Interviewer: “What does the rest of this year for you? Are you going to tour?”

Denaun: “I’m working on a song for Marshall right now. I’m working with Em on something right now and a great opportunity. Man, this project opened a door for me doing something else. I’m working on that right now, and I’m working on my daughter’s EP. And the only other thing outside of that, the N.W.A. movie, I did some work on a song for that.

Only other thing I’m really excited about is just the EP with my daughter. And I’m working on, I don’t know if you’re familiar, with Marv One. He’s a battle rapper, but I signed him. It was the only other person that I felt was somebody that was able to take battle rappin’ to a different level, and I think that Marv embodies that. He’s so true to who he is. He’s a super emcee to me, and I’m working on that EP.

Interviewer: “That’s so fucking cool about your daughter.”

Denaun: They start young. Just to see your kid want to…to see the influence. I didn’t know how much my influence would be, but she’s forming to be an emcee, and she don’t want anybody in the studio. She wants to write everything. She wants to create a song. She wants to really embody the whole workload. She’s really scary dope. She’s better than me when it comes to rapping. I could tell you that. Definitely better than me.

Interviewer: Is there anything else that you want to add or promote?”

Denaun: Just those things. Those are the main things that I’m working on. My album is coming out towards the end of the year, I believe. And it’s called NiNe.”



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