Rapper Nore Talks Eminem Being Hip Hop King

Recently the debate over Eminem being the king of hip hop is quite a trending story. Star said that Eminem is king of hip hop and Lord Jamar laughed at it. Then Royce Da 5’9″ had the debate with Jamar on Twitter and now Nore expresses his own opinion with VLADTV:

“Eminem is the king in his own right, he has changed hip hop and before Eminem, all the white guys besides Beastie Boys was kinda dressed in black, kinda tryin’ to be black…Eminem was the first white guy who was like, I’m white…He actually, lyrically is on the level of NAS and great lyricists but his image’s O.D.B (Ol’ Dirty Bastard)…Eminem is our Elvis and I think we should claim that. I think Dr Dre is genius for having the foresight for that..” 

Listen to the full interview below: