20 Strong Songs On Weak Albums (List By AllHipHop)

AllHipHop.com has created a list of 20 strong songs that appear on widely regarded album upsets (the list goes in ascending order by albums).  These songs may not have saved the albums they’re featured on, but they definitely kept them from being a waste.  And for that, they deserve to be acknowledged.

17). “Déjà Vu” by Eminem from Relapse: What made Eminem “offensive” in the late 90’s was that what he said was shocking, but still grounded in reality (i.e. “my mom does more dope than I do”), but his comeback a decade later and after five years off had him killing his cousin, pushing him into a tub, and then drinking the bath water.  It was so out there; it came across as ridiculous.  And that, for the most part, sums up Relapse.  But near the end of the album he  did get serious and explain the details his addiction in vivid detail.  It was worth the wait.  “Déjà Vu” isn’t just the best record on this album, but one of the better ones in Em’s iconic catalog.

14). “Mockingbird” by Eminem from Encore: “Them last two albums didn’t count / Encore I was on drugs, Relapse I was flushing ‘em out,” Eminem proclaimed on the Recovery standout, “Talkin’ 2 Myself.”  But even amidst his problems, he still managed to make some great music that was truly compelling.  Case in point: “Mockingbird.”  Eminem even said in 2004 that it’s probably the most emotional song he’d ever written.  And that’s really saying a lot.

01). “Drop the World” feat. Eminem by Lil’ Wayne from RebirthWhen Lil’ Wayne joined Kid Rock on stage at the 2008 CMAs and pretended to play guitar, it should’ve let all concerned parties know that a Lil Wayne rock album was a bad idea.  Apparently, that still wasn’t enough to stop Rebirth.  The only praiseworthy joint on the album is “Drop the World” which features Eminem.  Not surprisingly, Mr. Mathers doesn’t disappoint.  And Weezy leaves listeners with a great example of what could’ve been if the rest of the project was as on point as this one 3:49 cut.

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