Happy 43rd Birthday Busta Rhymes !

Why Busta Rhymes on Eminem page? Because Busta is still one of the most respected rapper after more than two decades in rap game!

Besides that, Busta and Em shared memorable moments of their long career. Happy Birthday Busta! Let’s see what Em and Busta have in common: 

1. Busta Rhymes, Eminem and 50 Cent dissed Ja Rule in a song “Hail Mary” (2003)

2. Busta releases a song ‘I’ll Hurt You’ featuring Eminem (2006) 

3. Eminem makes surprise appearance on BET Awards to do a ‘Touch It (Remix)’ (2006) 

4. In 2014 Tow God MCs come back together again for ‘Calm Down’ (2014)

5. Busta releases ‘Calm Down’ video trailer (2014) 

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