Ed Sheeran Wants To Meet Eminem

One of the most successful artists of these days, Ed Sheeran gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly, where he spoke about his favorite albums and the opportunity of meeting Eminem. Read the interview below: 

“I Go into every album wanting to make them just one genre but I find that dull… One of my favorite albums is The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem. There is so many waves and dips and different sounds that make it interesting for me. And it is same if you listen to any Michael Jackson or Stevie Wonder record… There was an opportunity when I went to SNL with the producer Rick Rubin. I said, ‘Will he know who I am? and Rick said ‘Unless you are an underground rapper from Detroit, he won’t. I really wanted to meet Jay Z and I met him at the perfect point where he was aware of who I was so we could have a conversation rather than me just being the dude that takes a pictures. So I am going to wait for that with Eminem” 

Ed Sheeran has shown his admiration towards Eminem and The Marshall Mathers LP many times before. 

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Source: www.ew.com