Slaughterhouse And G-Unit about Eminem

Guerilla Unit aka G-Unit formed by 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Kidd Kidd and past member The Game is one of the most successful rap group for the past decade. And now Eminem’s Slaughterhouse is about to blow up for their second studio album release under shady records. The group consist lyrically insane rappers: Royce Da 5’9″, Crooked I, Joe Budden and Joell Ortiz. All this rappers mentioned above have praised their boss Eminem over the years. Read it below: 


“Eminem is like godfather of rap. In the time like this, when records are not selling, Eminem is the only one that is selling. You know, Drake and all the other ones did well, but Em did close to 800,000 in the first week, and he is number one for the fifth week. It’s incredible. I think he has a faithful fan base of people who have been following him for years. They’re not going to stop following him and not stop listening to his music. Eminem has followers that’s gonna mess with him until the day he dies” – Tony Yayo (2010)


“Eminem has a cult following and they ain’t gonna turn their backs on him. He’s gonna shine one the darkest day. I think he wasn’t never afraid to bring people into his life. He brings you into his life. You know about his wife, his kids, his best friend. A lot of people can relate to it. I feel like his music is getting more and more powerful. The messages are bigger.” – Lloyd Banks (2010)


“You could get whoever you feel is the best black artist right now and stand them face to face in a room with Eminem, and he will eat that artist alive. Hip Hop is black music and unfortunately for some people it is tough to accept that you’ve got a white artist that does it better than black artists” – 50 Cent (2013)


“Dre and Eminem are at the top of the matherf*kcing food chain. Dre to me is the best producer in the world and Eminem to me is one of the best lyricists that’s ever done this sh*t. I got the up-most respect for both of those dudes.” – Young Buck (2014) 


“One thing that stuck with me is that Eminem is not to be f*cked with ever in Hip Hop, ever! If you noticed out of everybody I take a shot at, that’s the only person that is untouched. He’s in a bubble and you don’t even say nothing to Eminem. To anybody that ever does. God bless you. He will end your career” – The Game (2010)


“Why would I diss Eminem, the illest lyricist of the f*cking planet? What the f*ck do I stand to gain by dissing the biggest rapper in the country ? How could that help me? Eminem is greatest of all time” – Royce Da 5’9″ (2009)


“Eminem is easily the most humble person. Easily one of the most meticulous person I’ve ever met, very sociable. Every manner, he is like a serial killer. He is probably twenty times more meticulous than a serial killer would be. I tell him, I say ‘if you wasn’t rapping, I’m certain you would be a serial killer” – Joe Budden (2012)


“Eminem’s MMLP2 was incredible. It is just always refreshing to hear a super mainstream artist with bars and skills because a lot of these mainstream dudes that’s rapping out here is wack as f*ck. So, here’s somebody who has all the success and has achieved so much in the game and he still has bars to bar you out the game. It’s real refreshing. He basically took the art of double-time rapping and displayed the many different ways you can do that… Newer rappers still can’t f*ck with Em. He’s one of the best rappers of all time” – Crooked I (2014)


“We all respect Eminem so much, man. It is like a kide grew up playing basketball being able to hang with Jordan. That’s how we feel, like, ‘Good Lord’. He’s the most humble guy, most humble superstar I’ve ever been around…The MMLP2 is fantastic” – Joell Ortiz (2013)