The Game is one of the  greatest rappers of our generation, discovered by Dr Dre. His debut 2005 release, The Documentary was a classic which features guest appearances from Eminem, 50 Cent and Nate Dogg.

The Game has shown his respect to Eminem over the years. Below I’ve listed his one of the best interviews where he praises and shows appreciation to Em

1. Interview #1 

“Recovery? Classic. Eminem is Eminem. If you notice in Hip Hop Eminem is the only rapper that nobody ever wants a problem with, including myself. Eminem is like the most lyrically insane. Even I was going at 50 and me and Dre were not seeing eye to eye, I stayed away from the white dude. He a problem…I don’t think that there is a rapper he won’t slay. And you don’t even want to war Eminem, he crazy… If he were to come at me with industry beef, I would RUN. You don’t understand it. I’m a Hip Hop artist and one of the biggest ones in the world. You don’t even want a beef with Eminem. He shreds MCs and I ain’t his best friend or nothing. He can’t be slain by nobody – Jay knows, everybody know.”


2. Interview with KWR

“Jay Z is the greatest rapper of all time but Eminem is right above Jay Z. The greatest rapper INFINITY all-time is Eminem”. Then interviewer asks if Jay is just a little ahead because of his consistency, Game responds: “Em is probably somewhere in Detroit, chilling and you want me to piss him off so he can come f*cking kill you and me?! Nah, I’m good. You want me say something about Jay I will but I ain’t f*cking with Em, Em is good, he’s really f*cking good.” 

(Skip directly to Eminem part at 9:50)


3. Interview with Sway In The Morning On RapFix Live::

“One thing that stuck with me is that Eminem is not to be f*cked with ever in Hip Hop, ever! If you noticed out of everybody I take a shot at, that’s the only person that is untouched. He’s in a bubble and you don’t even say nothing to Eminem. To anybody that ever does. God bless you. He will end your career.”