Today Eminem VEVO Channel Turns 6

It’s been six years since Eminem joined Youtube as EminemVEVO (May 11, 2009). Since then Slim Shady has collected 4,873,019,734 video views with total of 55 videos and 15,330,672 subscribers. He is currently 4th most viewed celebrity (After Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry) and EminemVEVO is 10th most viewed channel of all time. 

Eminem now holds 18 VEVO certification Award including feature songs. The top 3 most viewed Eminem video are ‘Love The Way You Lie’ ft. Rihanna, ‘Not Afraid’ and ‘The Monster’ ft. Rihanna. Love The Way You Lie also holds the title of 6th most viewed video of all time on Youtube.